This is a not-for-profit website established to celebrate and record the thousands of church kneelers designed and made by congregations across England and Wales.

Church kneelers that are local, original and unique represent the most widely practised form of folk art in the country. They are among the glories of the Anglican church but there is no national record.

How you can help

Does your parish have church kneelers that are local, original and unique?  Are they recorded here?  Click here to check the county list.

If they are not recorded here, Click here to tell us your parish and county.

Better still, if your local, original and unique church kneelers are not displayed in the Gallery, photograph some or all, then Click here to send them to us.

How else can you help?

Start a church kneeler project.  It couldn’t be simpler.  Click here to browse through all the different stages.

The church kneelers shown in the Gallery were made by male and female stitchers whose ages ranged from eleven to ninety two.  If they can do it, so can you.

Final message

This website depends on you. It’s a not-for-profit venture that relies on volunteers to cover the church’s magnificent heritage of church kneelers that are local, original and unique.